Latching Relay Coil Volt 230V, Impulse Relay

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Latching Relay Coil Volt 230V, Impulse Relay

Latching Relay Coil 230 Volt (Impulse Relay)

Price: ₹ 1760.00, MRP: ₹ 2200.00

In many control systems or automation systems, latching relays or impulse relays are used. Earlier it was used in industrial sector. Now Latch relay is also used in home automation now. Many people are introducing this device because they have noticed it being used in master control wiring in homes.

Schneider iTL 16A is a modular impulse relay (latching relay). This 2P device has normally open or close state contact. In the next switching pulse  will be latching contact closed or opened. The rated current is 16A and its operating voltage is 24VAC to 250VAC available. Its coil (A1 - A2) operates at maximum 250VAC voltage.

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About Schneider Latching Relay

Product Specifications
Product nameLatching Relay (Impulse relay)
Device short name Acti9 iTL
Device application Standard Latch control
Number of Poles 1 Pole (SPST)
Poles contact composition 1 NO
Rated Current (In) 16A
Type of network AC
Coil Voltage 220-250 VAC 50/60Hz
Electrical Durability AC-21: 200000 cycles, 
AC-22: 100000 cycles
Switching Frequency 5 Switching/Min
100 Switching/Day
Noise Level 60db
Impulse duration 50ms....1 Sec
Mounting  DIN rail mount
Item Dimensions H x W x D 84 x 18 x 60 mm
Body Material Plastic

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