Solar MPPT Charge Controller Surya- 60 LV Ver 7.7

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Solar MPPT Charge Controller Surya- 60 LV Ver 7.6

Surya- 60 (LV) Solar MPPT Charge Controller Ver 7.7, 60A, 12/24V

Price: ₹ 9350.00, MRP: ₹ 11850.00, Warranty 24 Months

Ashapower is one of the best selling branded MPPT charge controllers in India for off grid inverter systems. So you can check the specifications of the Surya 60 model explained in this article.

Maximum Capacity -60A: Max. Voc 140V, Max Watts 1600Wp

Max PV Array Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 12V: 30-120Voc/ 24V: 50-140Voc

Max PV Array Watts Applicable: 12V-800Wp/ 24V-1600Wp

Surya-60 Solar mppt charge controller version 7.7  can be used to charge two type battery banks, 12V and 24V. The battery bank needs to be connected to the device first, then the battery bank voltage is automatically detected and configured. This device supports all types of solar panels (12V/24V) available in the market such as poly-crystalline, mono-crystalline, mono-perc, half-cut mono-perc and 4-cut mono-perc. A higher PV panel input Voc range allows you to connect more panels in series to make installation easier and more flexible in this model (Surya-60)Surya-60 Ver. 7.6 is an excellent solar MPPT designed by Ashapower incorporating all the advanced features available now. This solar MPPT charge controller features initial limited ampere charging, true 4 stage smart charging (bulk-absorption-float-equalization) etc. The device provides good support for batteries such as lead-acid, VRLA, gel type and lithium batteries with a good BMS active balancer.

About Surya-60 (LV)

Model/Version Surya 60 LV Ver-7.7
Panel Capacity at 12V Battery 120 Voc 800 Watts 
Panel Capacity at 24V Battery 140 Voc 1600 Watts
Nominal Battery Voltage 12V/24V (Self Setting)
Maximum Power Tracking Efficiency 98.9%
Maximum Charging Current 60 Amps
Display 2 x 16 LC Display
Standby Power Consumption <1.5W
Body Color Blue
Item Dimensions L x W x H 32 x 19 x 11 Centimeters
Body Material Metal
Product Weight 4.45 Kilo grams
Manufacturer Ashapower
Country of Origin India, Kerala

Additional features support of this machine

Warranty 24 Months
Overload Protection Yes
Panel Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Over Charge Protection Yes

Product Features

  • Compatible for 12 V / 24 V battery bank.
  • Protection for batteries against hardware failures.
  • Ultra-fast & efficient power point tracking (98.9%).
  • Auto detection and self-setting of battery bank voltage.
  • Automatic disconnection of P V panels at night.
  • Over voltage and Overload protection from P V panels.
  • Programmable Initial limited ampere charging facility for battery.
  • 15 menu user programmable function settings and inbuilt config keys.
  • 4 stage smart charging for prolonged battery life (Bulk-Absorption-Float-Equalization).
  • P V panel reverse polarity protection.
  • Grid power control to the connected inverter SMU (Solar Management Unit).
  • dsPIC33EP micro controller-based devices.
  • Forced grid to solar shifting facility.
  • Multi-function status display.

Key Features of Ashapower Surya 60 LV Solar MPPT

Before changing the factory settings of MPPT, please read the user guide provided with the machine to do the necessary settings very easy. Ashapower Surya-60 mppt can be used by connecting the battery bank without any specific settings in this model. Surya 60 model is equipped with an SMU system to convert standard inverters into solar inverters. All its factory settings can be changed using 3 switches provided next to the display of mppt. Also you can change all factory settings of 'Surya-60 mppt' using 3 switches provided next to display.

If you want know more about this product watch on YouTube/akrtechnical

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