Solar Support Inverter 900 Va, 12 V, Pure Copper

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Solar Support Inverter 900 Va, 12 V, Pure Copper

Solar Supported Pure Sine Wave Inverter 900 Va, 12 V

Price: ₹ 6850.00, MRP: ₹ 9400.00, Warranty 24 Months

Edix is one of the best selling branded heavy duty Inverter in India for off grid solar inverter system for home. So you can check the specifications of the Edix 900 Va model explained in article.

Maximum Capacity -900VA: Max. Capacity in  Watts: 720Watts.

The 900 Va inverter battery can be charged directly to a 12 volt battery bank from the grid or through a solar mppt charge controller. This device provides good support for batteries such as lead-acid, VRLA, gel type and lithium batteries.

About this product

Inverter Capacity 900 Va
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 Volt
Max. Battery Ah 200 Ah
Efficiency 85%
Nominal Charging Current 10 Amps
Display 2 x 16 LCD
Standby Power Consumption <2.0W
Body Color Gray and Black
Indications LED
Body Material Metal
Product Weight
Manufacturer Bright Tech group of technologies
Country of Origin India, Kerala

Additional features support of this Inverter

Warranty 24 Months
Transformer winding Pure Copper
Overload Protection Yes
Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Yes
Over Charge Protection Yes

Product Features

  • Full Copper winding Transformer.
  • Compatible for 12 V battery bank.
  • Grid charging ON/ Off Switch.
  • Over voltage and Overload protection.
  • Programmable VGA port facility.
  • MCB Protection for short circuit.
  • 10 Sq mm DC Cable for Battery connection.
  • Warranty Card.
  • Forced grid to solar shifting facility.
  • Multi-function status display.

Key Features of Edix 900 Va Inverter

Its biggest feature is that the EDIX-900-Va inverter can run on both solar and grid supply in a modern way. The edix-900-Va inverter needs the help of an efficient mppt to run on solar. The company has designed them in a manner capable of working at maximum load.

The 900-Va 12 V inverter can be used as a normal inverter and then connected to solar without any special configuration.

The display on the front of the edix 900 Va inverter shows input voltage, output voltage, battery voltage, charging current, etc. On the 900 Va inverter, the first of the 2 LEDs provided next to the display at the front indicates mains on and the second indicates inverter on. You can turn the inverter on and off using the switch provided next to the display. The EDIX 900 Va can be changed to factory settings for battery charging volts, amperes and low cut off using the VGA port switch. UPS mode, grid charging on/off switch, cooling fan, power connector and battery wire are also provided at the back.

If you want know more about this product watch on YouTube/akrtechnical

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