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AKR Technical paves its way in the e-commerce Indian states in the year 2022 as a shopping platform. This electrical product oriented site provides only the best products to the customers in India. So you can choose the suitable products without any worry. AKR-Technical delivers elite quality electrical products from Indian brands and amazon selling to the doorstep of potential customers, across the India. We do this by supplying hundred plus electrical and electronics products from our affiliated company brands which are located in the Indian manufacturer and affiliated sites. Some of the features include a flexible website, convenient purchase methods, faster checkout options, the best customer service. All these enhance the shopping your experience. The shipping infrastructure is very easy as we have tie-ups with many reputed companies and courier services. Keep browsing with this ecommerce site support to get in reasonable price your favorite electrical and electronics devices in your place! Visit AKR Technical YouTube Channel to know more about us.

AKR Technical provides highly accurate technical support to Electrical Engineering & Automation Sector, Control Panel Wiring, Industrial Wiring, Home Wiring and Home Application Installation through our YouTube channel and in person. We are committed to supporting our viewers and customers 24/7.

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Author of this Site: AKR, Kerala, INDIA

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