Ashapower Inverter 2000Va 24 Volt

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Ashapower Solar Inverter 2000Va 24 Volt
Ashapower 2000Va 24V Inverter, Warranty 24 Months

It is already known that Ashapower is a leading company in the manufacture of mppts. We ourselves have described many of their models on this site. About 15 models of mppts are manufactured in this company.
Ashapower Solar Inverter 2000Va 24 Volt

Ashapower Home UPS 2000Va 24V

In this article describe the details of the newly manufactured 2000 Va 24 Volt DSP (Digital Signal Processor) Pure sine wave solar supporting inverter (Home UPS) from Ashapower brand with advanced technology. Its special feature is that there is no switch like rocker switch to turn on/off the grid charging and UPS in the inverter. Instead, there are three soft switches placed next to the display. On the left is the ON button, in the middle is the OFF button, and at the right end is the ENTER button. So its settings can be done very easily with these three buttons. By continuously pressing the enter button, the current settings of the inverter, battery voltage, charging voltage and charging current can be scrolled and viewed very precisely on the display.

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Inverter display

If we talk about the ashapower home ups display, it is worth mentioning that it is equipped with a four line LCD display. Because of that, in terms of display, this is another feature that other branded inverters available in India do not have. Also, six LED indicators such as inverter on, grid charging on, fault, grid power on, battery low and overload are also provided just below. Therefore, the company has built it in such a way that it can compete with world-class brands.

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Inverter Settings

Ashapower 2000Va home Ups (Inverter) all settings can be done very easily using the three buttons on the front. The first step is to turn off the ashapower inverter by pressing the OFF button to access the primary settings. After that press and hold 3 second the enter button, now first ups mode will appear on the display, it can be turned on/off by using the on or off buttons. Just press the Enter button again to go to the next menu, where each setting can be changed. This way can be done inverter secondary settings. Read more for Ashapower 2000Va 24V home ups (Inverter) main menu settings.

About the Inverter

Product Specifications
Inverter Capacity2000Va
Battery Bank Voltage 24V (2 x 12V)
Efficiency 80%
Maximum Charging Capacity 10 Amps
Display 4 Line LCD
Indications 6 Nos LED
Battery Connection Cable 16 Sq mm x 2 + 1 for series
Transformer Winding Copper
Standby Power Consumption < 2W
Body Color Sky Blue
Item Dimensions L x W x H 43 x 19.6 x 33.5 Centimeters
Body Material Metal
Product Weight22.5 Kg (approximate)
Manufacturer Ashapower
Country of Origin India

Additional features support of this machine

Warranty 24 Months
Overload Protection Yes
Mains Breaker Yes, 20 Amps
Surge Protection Yes
Settings Buttons Soft Switch
Cooling Fan  Yes

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